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Headaches that are caused by problems in the neck may benefit from chiropractic care. When vertebrae in the neck lose their normal position, alignment and movement pattern sensitive nerves and blood vessels to the head can be affected. Spinal nerves and related tissues may be stretched and irritated causing headaches.

If examination shows a reduced range of motion, loss of the normal curve or loss of normal motion in the neck, then our treatments should offer great relief. Gentle specific treatments together with lifestyle advice and exercises can help correct these problems and many people report pain relief.

Migraine headaches can be a severe, disabling condition. Migraines are extremely painful, recurring headaches that are sometimes accompanied by other symptoms, such as visual disturbances, for example, seeing an aura or nausea. Unfortunately, “cures” are generally elusive.

So where do the therapies available at Family Chiropractic fit into the management of  headaches? The answer depends on the individual headache sufferer, as there is a wide range of clinical presentations in patients with  headaches.

Certain physical therapy techniques used by a chiropractor (especially if the headache originates from the upper back or neck) can help to significant;y reduce the pain.

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