Edis Rajkovic

Massage Therapist

From a young age I have been involved in various sports such as water polo, judo, basketball and handball where I discovered physiotherapy and massage that has become my passion over the years. I was able to work out in gyms and train and assist many athletes with various injuries. Some of my current clients are top coaches and athletes who have won European and World medals.

Most of my clients suffer with some type of pain or discomfort, whether due to a work injury, repetitive strain, post surgical or sports injuries. My aim is to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility.

Apart from Therapeutic, Sports and Deep tissue technique massages I am also trained to provide the following treatments:
1. Cupping technique
2. Cross-friction
3. Chinese Tui-Na technique (useful for children with special needs
4. Japanese Yumeiho technique.

My massage is unique as I combine elements from the various techniques I have mastered and tailor my approach for every individual based on their needs.

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