Phil Green

Massage & Rehabilitation Therapist
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Health and Fitness is my passion; over the years, I have taken personal pride in cultivating a
broad and varied skill set that enables me to offer coaching and Rehabilitation to a wide
spectrum of people, GP referrals, elite sportsmen and women at national level and military

My approach to my Rehab clients leads to more than a quick fix; using a combination of
Biomechanical analysis, varied massage therapy techniques, exercises and education, the aim
is to provide patients with a long-term solution and continued benefits to their health and well

I believe that the better equipped you are as an individual the better you can tailor your
approach to your clients. I like to keep up to date with new ideas and techniques and dedicate
time to doing so.

Alongside coaching and Rehab, I continue to train and compete myself, currently focusing on
multi-disciplined Obstacle races and competing alongside some great teammates in various
fitness events.

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